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Scholarship Application Information

In order to apply for these scholarships, students must submit an application with a cover letter explaining their need for the scholarship, a resume, at least one letter of recommendation, and their current high school or college transcript. All New Applicant information is due March 1st for fall applications and November 1st for spring applications.  Continuing Scholarships deadlines for Transcripts and grades are September 1st for fall  and February 1st for spring . Checks will be written to the schools on February 15th and September 15th . At this time No Summer Scholarships will be awarded.  

The application can be downloaded by clicking the " Download Application" button.

Please submit all forms either by Mail, Email, or Fax:


The Gene Belcher Foundation Scholarship

c/o ENJ Financial

PO Box 487

Alva, OK 73717


580-327-2551 (fax)

Applications must be postmarked by the deadline or received electronically by 5pm.

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